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 Personalized Service Is What It's All About.
 Cape Sunset Realty, Inc. / Cape Rentals is a full service Property Management Real Estate company.
 Through our experience and expertise, we have developed a worry-free program whereby we manage and maintain the properties for the owners by providing the following services:
      1.   Rental Advertisement – Our website and the real estate multiple listings (MLS).
      2.   Pre-qualify the prospective tenants
      3.   Show units to the prospective tenants
      4.   Process Rental Applications - Credit Check, Criminal background
 Check through Tenant Reporting Services. Check local court house for any pending issues.  Approve or disapprove tenants.
      5.    Have lease drafted by the attorney.
      6.    Review lease and sign the lease with the tenant.
      7.    Collect security deposit and maintain it in a security deposit account for the tenant as required by Florida Law.
       8.    Do a move-in inspection of the property.
       9.    Move the tenant into the property.
     10.    Collect rents and up-date our bookkeeping records.
     11.    Take care of minor maintenance issues.
     12.     Post any required legal notices.
     13.     Pay maintenance and utilities bills (if required.)
     14.     Send monthly checks to owners with a complete statement showing all income and expenses and a copy of all invoices that were paid.
     15.     Do necessary lease renewals.
     16.     Collect keys and garage door openers upon tenant vacating.
     17.     Do move-out inspection on the property.
     18.     Refund or send out Security Deposit Claim letters.
     19.     Provide the owner with 1099 and complete year end financial statement for  Tax purposes.
Call for more information regarding our discounted management fees and only 1/2 month tenant placement fee.  Thank you for considering Cape Rentals for your property management needs.
 Larry Kirchner, Broker


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Cape Sunset Realty, Inc./Cape Rentals
4307 Del Prado Blvd South
Cape Coral, FL 33904
 Phone: +1 239 9453222
 Fax: +1 239 9453183


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Management Agreement
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Personalized service is what it's all about.


Meet our staff now, or contact us directly.

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Cape Sunset Realty, Inc./ Cape Rentals

4307 Del Prado Blvd South

Cape Coral, FL 33904


Phone: +1 239 9453222

Fax: +1 239 9453183


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